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Birthdate:Feb 23
| IX|

Name: Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne
"Somebody": Myde (headcanon/fanon)
Canon Point: post death/KHII
Age: 23 (*25 in Vatheon)
D.O.B.: February 23rd (headcanon)
Gender: Male
Eye color: Teal
Hair color: Dirty blond
Height: ~5'9"-5'10"
Element: Water
Weapon: Arpeggio
| Vatheon |

Arrived: October 9th, 2010 (One year)
Tattoo location: left shoulderblade
Residency: 4-4 Vita Apartments
Occupation: N/A
Death count: 0
Injuries: Facial scar from event (August, 2011)
| Siren's Pull |

Arrived: May 15, 2011
Residency: 908, Sector 4
Occupation: Musician @ Purgatory/Xino E. Mao
Death count: N/A

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voicemail (Siren's Pull)
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